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Amazon’s 2023 Black Friday Event in China

Amazon’s 2023 Black Friday Event in China Amazon Overseas Purchase has launched its 2023 Black Friday Global Shopping Season in China, set to run from November 17th to 26th. This year’s event boasts nearly 5 million new products and around 20,000 international brands, with discounts starting at 70% off. Special attention is given to Chinese consumers with customized discounts, seeing a 300% increase compared to previous years.

Amazon also introduced six shopping themes inspired by the past year’s trends. A significant upgrade in selection, pricing, and logistics includes the Ningbo ( ) Bonded Warehouse, which promises faster delivery times, with the possibility of receiving international products in just two days. This event marks a milestone in Amazon’s journey in China since introducing Black Friday shopping to the Chinese market in 2014.

Ocean Container Rail Fee Jurisdiction Congress Debate

The U.S. Congress is intervening in the debate over which federal agency should oversee the storage fees railroads charge for ocean containers. This issue concerns the jurisdiction between the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB). Congressman John Garamendi is drafting legislation to mandate a memorandum of understanding between the FMC and STB, clarifying their respective authority over international intermodal freight. This legislative move aims to provide clearer guidance for shippers and logistics providers regarding the management of these fees.

Evolving Freight Trends in Asia with Notable Figures

Asian freight rates for block space agreements are projected to fall next year due to increasing capacity, though demand is rising. Taiwan has seen a significant boost in exports to the U.S. and Southeast Asia, while mainland China’s export focus is shifting more towards Europe. Additionally, the trend of U.S. consumer electronics brands diversifying their supply chains is impacting countries like Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Mexico. This shift is part of a broader trend where China’s exports to the U.S., Europe, and Japan decreased by 15%, but exports to Southeast Asia grew by the same percentage, indicating changing global trade patterns.

Surge in Container Ship Visits at Port of Savannah

The Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal witnessed a significant 26% increase in containership calls last month, with a total of 129 visits compared to October 2022. This boost in activity follows the completion of Berth 1 renovations, making all berths operational at the country’s largest single- terminal container facility. In October, the port handled 449,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), marking it as the fourth busiest October on record. However, this figure shows a 19% decrease from last year’s record volumes. Additionally, the port saw growth in its rail cargo sector and a slight decrease in roll-on/roll-off cargo.

Mersin International Port’s Major Expansion Project

Mersin International Port Management Inc. (MIP) has launched a significant $455 million expansion project, East Med Hub 2 (EMH2), to enhance its terminal in Mersin (Türkiye). This project will increase the port’s container handling capacity from 2.6 million to 3.6 million TEUs. It involves extending the quay by 380 meters, allowing two Ultra Large Container Vessels to be handled simultaneously. The first phase is set to be completed by early 2025, with the entire project finalized by the first quarter of 2026. The expansion also includes adding new automated cranes for improved efficiency.

European Parliament Approves NZ Trade Deal

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved a free-trade agreement with New Zealand, recognized as a model for future trade deals, particularly for its sustainability standards. This agreement, favored by 524 votes, aims to increase bilateral trade by 30% and E.U. investments in New Zealand by 80%. It’s a strategic move for the E.U., diversifying supply sources amid global tensions and setting high standards for labor and sustainability that could lead to sanctions if not met. This deal is a significant step in the E.U. ‘s efforts to boost eco-friendly trade practices globally.

Trends in Manufacturing for Direct Consumer Sales

According to a recent Sapio Research report, 67% of manufacturers are now selling directly to consumers, a significant shift influenced by global e-commerce growth. The digital transformation is accelerating, with 51% of manufacturers investing in e-commerce, while Direct-to- Consumer sales are rising as manufacturers bypass traditional retailers, directly reaching consumers to increase profits. Manufacturers are investing in skilled personnel and operational tools to address challenges like order errors. Improving customer experience is a priority, with 38% refocusing their e-commerce strategies, like enhancing online checkouts and providing real-time product data.

TikTok’s Strategic Investment in Logistics

TikTok is significantly investing in logistics to transform its large streaming audience into a key player in the U.S. e-commerce market. The company is establishing a warehouse and fulfillment network for more efficient inventory management and delivery for TikTok’s independent merchants. Unlike Amazon, TikTok outsources its logistics, partnering with providers like ShipBob and Newegg for storage, picking, packing, and shipping online orders. This effort includes the “Fulfilled By TikTok” service in the U.K., enhancing infrastructure for influencer-led sales and providing seamless, rapid shipping experiences for merchants and customers.

New Logistics Center at Port of Savannah

A new ten-million-square-foot logistics center is under construction near the Port of Savannah (United States). This center, situated on 467 acres and developed by Capital Development Partners, will provide significant support to the port’s expanding customer base. It includes features like cross-dock and CSX rail services. Notably, a plastic and paper exporter will be the first to utilize this center, located just seven miles from the port’s Garden City Terminal. The facility will offer 10,080 TEUs of container space, aiding in the storage and distribution of imported or exported cargo.

Meta and Amazon In-App Shopping Cooperation

Meta and Amazon have partnered to enable in-app shopping on Facebook and Instagram. Users can link their Facebook and Instagram accounts to their Amazon accounts, allowing them to purchase products directly from Amazon’s advertisements within these social platforms. This integration includes real-time pricing, Prime eligibility, and estimated delivery details, streamlining the shopping process. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance user convenience, reduce dropout rates in shopping, and compete with other e- commerce platforms like TikTok, Temu, and Shein.

Shenzhen’s Booming Cross-Border E-commerce in 2023

From January to October 2023, Shenzhen’s cross-border e-commerce export-import value exceeded 200 billion yuan, a 76.48% year-over-year increase, reinforcing its leading position in China. This surge is attributed to robust foreign trade, especially in exports. Key players like Anker Innovations and Loctek have shown remarkable growth in revenue and profits, benefiting from improved logistics and overseas market expansion. The city’s strong performance in cross-border e-commerce reflects the growing importance of this sector in China’s trade, with significant contributions to the national economy.

Steady Growth at the Port of Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles has reported cargo growth for the third consecutive month. In October, it processed 725,775 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), a 7% increase from last year. Loaded imports rose to 372,455 TEUs, up by 11%, while loaded exports surged by 35%, reaching 121,277 TEUs. Despite a slight decline in empty containers, the port’s overall growth trend is positive. This improvement comes amid efforts to regain market share, with the Port of Long Beach also reporting significant growth. The Port of Los Angeles expects further momentum with the holiday season and warehouse replenishments.

Record on China-Europe Railway Eastern Route

In 2023, the China-Europe Railway Eastern Route achieved a record with 5,087 trains passing through Manzhouli, Suifenhe, and Tongjiang railway ports. This marks a 4.1% increase in train numbers and a 16.4% rise in transported goods, amounting to 543,000 standard boxes. The steady operation of these trains has significantly boosted foreign trade. Key developments include streamlined customs processes at Suifenhe and the new return route at Tongjiang, enhancing trade in Northeast China and further integrating the region into the “Belt and Road” initiative.