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About Us

At Phoenix International, we’re more than a freight forwarding company; we are a logistics partner you can trust. By integrating cutting-edge technology with the personalized care that only a human team can provide, we strive to offer the best freight forwarding* service in the industry.

*Phoenix International provides ocean freight services under its NVO division T.NETWORK.

Our Story

Our journey began in December 2018 under the name T.NETWORK, when a group of seasoned freight forwarding professionals united to transform the industry. Their goal? To blend innovative technology with a people-centric approach to deliver exceptional freight forwarding services.

We believe client and employee experiences are equally key to success and sustainability. We’ve built an environment where our team thrives and feels valued, fostering the passion and dedication needed to ensure exceptional customer service.

Our commitment to technological innovation enhances our service, offering connectivity, speed, and comprehensive shipment visibility. We believe in purpose-led innovation: when we implement new technology, it is because we know it will improve the service you receive. 

In 2023, after years of growth and with a robust foundation established, we rebranded as Phoenix International, marking the beginning of a new phase in our journey. With an expanded executive team, a larger workforce, and advanced technological capabilities, we are poised to reshape the industry.

Our Values

We aim to create trust and value through collaborative employee/customer experiences powered by innovation and technology-enabled solutions. Our values guide us in this pursuit:


We believe in a time-proven principle: when we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients.


With decades of human experience paired with cutting-edge technology, we can provide a solution to every challenge.


We strive to build trust with both employees and clients. We are the team our employees can count on, and our clients’ trusted logistics partner.


Our enthusiasm is contagious and fuels confidence and excitement. We are invested in your success, and it shines through in the service we provide.

Our Culture & Leadership Team

We strive to create a work environment that supports a healthy balance between work and personal life, including a balanced schedule. Our team knows that their hard work and dedication are appreciated and that they are part of an organization that fervently believes in teamwork. By prioritizing people and promoting inclusiveness, efficiency and innovation thrive within our organization.