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Pilar Dorfman
Customs Broker


My journey in the logistics industry began when I was around 20 years old. I started my career with a company that specialized in FDA approvals for wine labels, igniting a passion for over three decades. Before joining Phoenix International, I dedicated nearly 32 years to my previous company as Vice President of Compliance and Brokerage. I earned my customs broker's license and a customs specialist certification along the way, underscoring my commitment to excellence and continuous learning in this field.

Can you share the journey and experiences that led you to your current role within Phoenix International?

My profound interest in customs brokerage—particularly the intricate dance of compliance, regulations, and the nuanced art of customer service—fueled my transition to Phoenix International. My goal was to leverage my extensive experience and qualifications to build and enhance the brokerage department at Phoenix International.

What unique perspectives or skills do women bring to the logistics industry, and how does it benefit Phoenix International?

I am a staunch advocate for the unique perspectives and skills women bring to the logistics industry. I highlight women's innate strengths in multitasking, conflict management, and flexibility—essential for navigating day-to-day logistics challenges. I proudly point out the exceptional ability of women to manage customer relations efficiently and effectively, coining the term "superwomen" to describe their prowess in the business world.

Can you highlight any initiatives or projects within Phoenix International that promote the professional development of women in logistics?

At Phoenix International, I am part of an environment that values the professional growth of its team members. The company's 30-60-90 day module is designed to help employees set and achieve their goals with the support of mentors. This initiative reflects Phoenix International's dedication to creating a nurturing ecosystem for career development, offering a supportive team and ample resources to address any questions or concerns.

What message or words of encouragement would you like to share with your colleagues and peers on International Women’s Day?

In celebration of International Women's Day, I want to share a message of encouragement with my colleagues and peers. I urge women to recognize your strength, remain steadfast, use your voice, and strive to make a meaningful difference in the company and the industry.

What advice would you offer to other women aspiring to pursue logistics and freight forwarding careers? 

For women looking to carve out a career in logistics, I offer a simple yet powerful piece of advice: persist. Despite the challenges that may arise, the reward lies in solving problems, delivering shipments, and the profound satisfaction of piecing the puzzle together.

In your role, what strategies have you implemented to foster a positive work environment and empower women in the logistics field?

Although I'm relatively new to Phoenix International, I am passionate about fostering a positive work environment. I support an open-door policy, mentorship, and accessible resources to ensure every team member has the opportunity to thrive. I believe teamwork and collaboration are the cornerstone of Phoenix International's success.