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Phoenix International Corporate Identity

First created in 2018 as T.NETWORK and reborn in 2023 as Phoenix International, our company takes pride in the service we deliver every day to our customers; our image is a reflection of our approach.

Our Logo

Our logo represents three key concepts

  • Industry Legacy: Our team, including our top management, has accumulated decades of experience in the industry. The capabilities they acquired, and their years of accumulated efforts, are expressed in the Phoenix in our name. The O in Phoenix is presented as an open globe, marking both our commitment to a transparent and global information flow and our ambition to serve customers worldwide.
    • Globe: Our choice to incorporate the outer circle in our design is to serve as a reminder of the Earth’s shape, with two openings from the bottom left to the upper right. This represents the concept of transparent and global information flow through Phoenix International.
  • Connectivity: The Sankey diagrams are used to track goods and visually display flows of information, allowing for a better understanding of the changes in shipment data. The Sankey chart within the O in Phoenix also represents a phoenix feather.
  • Digitalization: We believe in digitalizing traditional processes to minimize errors and maximize efficiency. The O in Phoenix, which also represents a phoenix’s eye, symbolizes the focus with which we precisely capture information from data nodes, leading to faster and more efficient data analysis and consolidation.

Corporate Typeface

Continuing with our T.NETWORK legacy, we currently use the following fonts. All of them are sans-serif fonts; this is a conscious design to express our modernity and to adopt fonts that are easier to read on digital devices.

Corporate Color Palette

Our colors reflect the T.NETWORK legacy, together with a new set of grayscale colors that express the additional depth our new leadership and team members bring to our service capabilities.

Color NameRGB CodeColorUse
Green#61BB46Main Corporate Color
Iron Gray#263238Secondary Corporate Color
Orange#EB8041Accent Color
Dark Gray
Grayscale for visual depth, various uses
Mid Gray#AAAAAAGrayscale for visual depth, various uses
Light Gray#C9C9C9Grayscale for visual depth, various uses
Background Gray#F7F7F7Grayscale for visual depth, various uses
White#FFFFFFGrayscale for visual depth, various uses